Material based explorations in line and form

Pink Cloud 2022.2. 31”w x 60”L x 10”d. 
Woven silk, pine paper, natural indigo, watercolor pigment, soy milk. 


My work explores ideas through the making of forms by way of thread and loom. I push the boundaries of what textiles want to do, what they have done historically. I ask new things of them.

My favorite tool is a simple floor loom. It has neither motor nor plug. There is nothing modern about it. It is, in fact, an ancient tool. When modern humans engage with this ancient technology, they are initiated into an ancient thread of history and knowledge. The longer I weave, the more impressed I am by the knowledge embedded in this technology.

A Colorado resident since the age of three, Wendy Kowynia received her BA from Smith College, Northampton MA. Her work has been exhibited at numerous juried and invitational shows nationwide. Her work is currently represented by W Gallery in Steamboat Springs, CO, and Space Gallery in Denver.