Indigo Series 2020 – Present

Ever since visiting Japan I have dreamed of one day working with true natural indigo. Natural indigo has a depth and richness impossible to imitate by synthetic dyes.

These pieces were dyed in Indiana at the studio of Roland Ricketts, master of indigo dyeing. Roland practices indigo in the Japanese tradition. The dye is made thru a process of drying and composting indigo leaves into a blue pigment that is then fermented. The dyebath contains live bacteria. The dyer must care for it daily, feeding it and keeping it warm and active.

Indigo is the color of water, the color of sky. The fluid, shape-shifting, freely flowing forms of this collection make me think of the deep and mysterious nature of water and sky. They are named for the Seas of the moon: Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Clouds, Sea of Waves.